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Download instructions in PDF format.

Dash Kit Package Checklist

  • One Dash Kit.
  • One Dash Kit Diagram.
  • One Printed Installation Instructions.
  • One Printed Warranty Information Sheet.
  • Two or more Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes (depending on kit size).
  • Two or more 3M Adhesive Sticks (depending on kit size).

What you will need for your dash kit installation

  • A Hair Dryer or Heating Gun.
  • A Clean, Lint Free, Soft Cloth.
  • 1-3 Hours of time depending on your kit size.

Step 1 - Dry Fitting
Start off by dry fitting your dash trim pieces on the vehicles dash. This will help familiarize you with the pieces and how they apply. Once you feel comfortable aligning the pieces on the dash, proceed to step 2.

Dash Kit Dry Fitting

Tip 1 - Fitting
Use parts of the vehicles dash such as vents, dials, buttons, and cup holders etc. to align the trim pieces properly.

Step 2 - Cleaning the Vehicles Dash
Clean all the surfaces of the dash receiving dash trim with the isopropyl alcohol wipes included in your kit. If you have had Armor All or any other repellent applied to the dash, you will need to repeat the cleaning process 3 to 4 times.

Vehicle Dash Cleaning: Preperation for Dash Trim Installation

Tip 2 - Dash Cleaning
A good way to test if your dash is clean enough for kit installation is to stick a piece of masking tape on an area you have cleaned. If the tape sticks easily you are ready for installation, if the tape does not stick readily you will need to repeat the cleaning process.

Step 3 - Adhesive Promoter
To use the adhesive promoter stick, break the inner tube by pressing on the black dot on the promoter stick. Then very gently squeeze the promoter stick to start the flow to the brush, when you see the brush start to wet stop squeezing.

Apply the adhesive promoter (paint brush style) only to the areas of dash receiving trim.

Once the adhesive promoter is open it starts to dry so apply all the adhesive promoter to the dash before proceeding to step 4.

Dash Kit Adhesive Promoter Application

Tip 3 - Adhesive Promoter
To make sure you apply adhesive promoter to only the proper areas of the vehicles dash, you can lay the trim pieces in place on the dash and lightly trace around the trim piece with a pencil. Then apply your adhesive promoter inside those lines only.

Step 4 - Dash Kit Installation
Once you feel comfortable laying the trim pieces in place, have cleaned the dash and applied the adhesive promoter you are ready to start installing the dash trim kit pieces.

Follow these simple steps to install the trim kit pieces;

If the temperature is below 80 degrees then it may be required to slightly warm the dash trim pieces to ensure they are flexible enough for installation. This can be done by using a hair dryer or heating gun. Be sure to keep the dryer/gun at least 5" from the trim pieces and moving at all times. Warming the dash in the same fashion is often helpful as well.

Heating a Dash Trim Kit for Installation

Heating a Vehicle Dash for Dash Trim Installation

Gently peel the red backing from the dash trim piece.

Removing the backing from Dash Kit pieces

Gently lay the trim piece into place on the vehicles dash.

Aligning Dash Trim Kit pieces

Use a finger tip to gently tack the trim into place while you make the final alignment adjustments.

Tacking down Dash Kit pieces

Press the trim piece firmly into place with your fingers.

Installing a Dash Trim Kit

Repeat steps 1 through 4 for the remaining dash trim pieces.

Step 5 - Completing the Installation and Cleaning
Once you have finished installing all the trim pieces, go back over each piece and give it a good firm press all over paying special attention to the corners and any pieces which bend. This is just to make sure you have gotten the entire piece to adhere properly.

Pressing Dash Trim pieces into place

Once you have finished pressing all the pieces into place you are ready to clean and enjoy your new dash kit. Use your clean, lint free soft cloth to remove the finger prints and smudges caused by the installation.

Cleaning a Dash Trim Kit

Enjoy your dash trim kit!

Honda Civic Dash Trim Kit

Remember if you have any questions about the installation of our dash kit, feel free to call toll free 1-866-NYC-TRIM or use Live Support.

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