Nycdashes Dash Kits

NYC Dashes has been serving clients with the finest in dasah trim kits world-wide for over 8 years! In these 8 years NYC has become a world leader in dash trim kit manufacturing and kit sales.

At NYC we make each and every dash trim kit ourselves out of the highest quality platics and veneers available on the market today. In doing so we are ale to bring you superior quality dash trim kits at unbelievably low prices!

No matter what make of vehicle you have, NYC has a dash trim kit for you. We work with all the automotive manufacturers to ensure that within a week of the release of a new model vehicle, we have a dash trim kit ready for it!

Not only does NYC provide dash trim kits for people around the world, we also supply the automotive manufacturers!

So now ... knowing all of this, why spend "an arm and a leg" on those other dash trim kits, when you can get the best right here from the manufacturer!

All non-custom NYC Dash trim kits carry a lifetime warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee!

NYC Dashes is a leading manufacturer of high quality dash trim kits for Cars, Trucks and SUV's.

NYC Dashes also boasts the largest selection of colors and materials for dash trim kits including wood grain, carbon fiber and aluminum.

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